How to Make Sure Your Parking Lot Is Kept Pristine

Parking Lot Sweeper Tips

Cracks and structural damage are always a concern when it comes to parking lots, however, you should also eliminate stains too. Which begs the question of how does one achieve this? Not to worry, our parking lot sweeper services have listed below a few tips that can help you to achieve this.

Asphalt Cleaning

Trisodium phosphate or TSP for short, bleach and baking soda are all effective cleaning agents that can often cut through grease on asphalt. In order to do this properly, apply the compound straight to the stain and then scrub it off using a broom that has firm bristles.

Concrete Cleaning

Cola and dishwashing liquid are quite effective to remove grease spots on concrete pavements. Pour some of the Cola on to the stain until it saturates it. Leave this to soak overnight, and scrub it the next day using some liquid dishwashing detergent and warm water. A good tip is to use a nylon brush to create a soapy lather and the stain will just lift away.

Mulch or Leaf Stain

Removing mulch and leaf stains can sometimes be accomplished using some soap and vinegar. Apply this mixture to the stain and then brush in circular motions. Rinse the solution using a low-pressure rinse, a garden hose will be enough. When the stain is still there, take some bleach and mix it with a gallon of warm water. Then again, scrub using circular motions, and leave it to sit for around 30 minutes, before rinsing with some warm water applied at low pressure.

Oil Cleaning

Obviously, grease and oil spots are common in parking lots. To clean these up, start by blotting as much up as you can. Cat litter is usually a good absorbing agent, just apply this on the stains and leave it overnight. When the excess grease or oil has been absorbed, sweep up the litter and dispose of it properly. Should the stain need additional attention, try using a commercial degreaser.

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